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ACH Transactions

6.1 Approve ACH Payments

  1. From the KeyNavigator Mobile homepage, tap ACH to display the Approve ACH Payment menu.
  2. Tap the Edit button.

    Approve ACH Payment

  3. Select the payment to approve or reject by checkmarking the item.
  4. Select the Approve or Reject button.
  5. If selecting Approve, the decision confirmation screen will appear.

    Select the Approve or Reject button

  6. If selecting Reject, the reject reason page will appear. A reject reason must be entered but must not be more than 35 characters. Then hit Submit. The decision confirmation screen will appear.

    Reject reason page

  7. There are several options KeyNavigator Mobile offers you to review before approving a payment.
    1. Tap the right pointing arrow button to view the ACH Payment Details.
    2. Checkmark an item to select it for approval or release.

      ACH Payment Details

  8. By viewing the Approve ACH Payment screen you can see when the next ACH Payment processing time is.

    ACH Payment processing time