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ACH Transactions

6.1 Approve or Release ACH Batches

  1. From the Key Total Treasury Mobile homepage, tap ‘ACH’ to display the ACH options menu
  2. Tap ‘Approve ACH Batch’ or ‘Release ACH Batch’ depending on the transaction you are completing. The following screen will appear based on your selection
  3. There are several options Key Total Treasury Mobile offers you to review before submitting a final decision.
    1. Tap the ‘right pointing arrow’ button to view the ‘ACH Batch Details
    2. Tap ‘transaction details’ to view more details on the transaction
    3. Tap ‘transaction list’ to view individual transactions within a batch. Then tap the arrow for more details. Tap the title link or back arrow to return to the previous screen.
    4. Tap ‘Edit’ to edit items for approval or release.

      Note: If users tap Edit from the Approve ACH Batch or Release ACH Batch screen, all ACH items listed can be approved or released at the same time.

    5. Checkmark an item to select it for approval or release
    6. Tap ‘Approve’ to approve the ACH item(s). This will move the item(s) to the ‘Approved Items’ list.
    7. Tap ‘Release’ to release the ACH item(s). This will move the item(s) to the ‘Released Items’ list.
    8. Tap ‘Cancel’ to exit from edit mode and/or to cancel the decision.

6.2 Viewing Batch Process Times

Viewing the ACH Batches (top of the screen), you can view when the next ACH batch process time will be