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Introduction to Self Service


KeyNavigator Self Service is an administration tool that enables authorized Maintenance Users (Administrators) to control your company’s account access, user permissions, and company preferences for select KeyNavigator services.

Note: Maintenance Users cannot edit their own access or permissions in Self Service. If your company only has one Maintenance User for administration, please contact a member of your Key Team or Commercial Banking Services.


With Self Service, your company can assign specific employees to act as authorized Maintenance users (Administrators) and complete the following:

  • Control user & account access to select KeyNavigator services
  • Set dollar limits for users & accounts authorized to perform payment transactions
  • Reset user passwords
  • Update user access times
  • Run administrative reports, and more

The following services are available for modification within Self Service:

  • Payables
    • Wires
    • Account Reconcilement
    • Book Transfer
    • Fraud Services
    • Transaction Services
  • Receivables
    • Lockbox
  • Reporting & Research
    • Image Research Center
    • Information Reporting
  • File Services
    • File Transfer
  • Other Services
    • Mobile

Note: There are additional services in Self Service that are view only. Users can see their company’s existing set-up, users, accounts, etc. for these services, but cannot submit edits. To make changes to the set-up of view only services, reach out to a member of your KeyBank team.


To access Self Service: Log into KeyNavigator, hover over the Administration header, and click Self Service.

While navigating throughout Self Service, click Self Service Home to return to the Self Service Homepage or the Back to Dashboard button to return to the KeyNavigator Dashboard.