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User Roles

Role Definitions

There are 4 different roles a Self Service user can be assigned. An individual Self Service user can have any combination of these roles:

  • View Only: The View Only role allows users to see existing set up by service but prevents the user from submitting edits.
  • User Reporting: Allows users to run reports
  • Maintenance: Maintenance users are the core of Self Service. These are your company’s authorized administrators who can make edits, update access, and change preferences.
  • Secondary Approver: Users with the Secondary Approver role can authorize or reject edits submitted by Maintenance users.

    Note: Dual authorization is required for specific services including wires so Key recommends at least one Secondary Approver be assigned. Your company can elect to have dual authorization on additional edits including: add user, reset password, fraud services, and mobile access.

How to Add or Edit Self Service Users

  1. If the individual you would like to designate as a Self Service user is not already in KeyNavigator, you can add them by clicking the add user button under the User Services section on the Self Service homepage, competing the user profile, and clicking save.

  2. Once the user is enrolled in KeyNavigator, select the user’s name under the User Services section of the Self Service homepage

  3. On the User Detail page, navigate to the User Services > Other Services section, and click on Self Service

  4. Under the Self Service header, click edit
  5. Check the appropriate roles for that specific user (View Only, User Reporting, Maintenance, Secondary Approver) and click save