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Service Views

3.1 Services Panels

The Services panels on the Self Service Homepage, User Detail and Account Detail pages display the module authorizations assigned to your company and which services are active/inactive for users and accounts.

  1. View a listing of all users setup for your company and their last logon info- sort the columns by name, user ID or last logon. Click the user name to view details.

    Services Panels

  2. Use the plus and minus buttons to show/hide panels/information throughout the Self Service Application.

    Self Service Application

  3. View a listing of all accounts setup for your company. You can sort the columns by name or number. Click the account name to view Account Detail.

    Account Detail

3.2 Services Summary Views

The page displays all available services for the module and which are active/inactive for any users/accounts in the company.

  1. Click the module name from the services panels to view summary and detail information for that module.

    Services Summary Views

  2. Click the show/hide detail to show/hide detailed use and account assignments for all services for the module.

    Services Summary Views

  3. Click the service name links to show/hide detailed user and account assignments for the service.
  4. Print a services report for the module or download it in PDF format.