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Key2Benefits Administrator Portal

2. Key2Benefits Administrator Portal

The Key2Benefits Administrator Portal is a secure, advanced website for you to use to manage your Key2Benefits program. User IDs and passwords are required to access the administrator portal. KeyBank’s Security Administrator will provide a user name and initial password to all users that require access to the system.

For all Prepaid Card client questions and issues, including User ID or password resets, card adjustments and card replacements:

Call Prepaid Support at 1-800-539-9039, Option 3 or email

For all other inquiries related to your Key2Benefits program, please contact your Payments Advisor or email to

2.1 Password Requirements

Passwords must adhere to the following requirements:

  • Must be eight characters (no blanks).
  • Must use one alphabetic and one numeric character.
  • Must use at least one of the following three characters from the National Character Set. They are @ # $ .
  • The three national characters cannot appear at the beginning or end of the password.
  • Passwords must be changed at your normal password change interval.
  • Passwords cannot be changed within one day of the last change.
  • Do not reuse a password that you have used in the previous 16 password iterations.
  • Do not use your user ID as part of your password.
  • Do not use three repeating characters in your password. Example = abc@1222

To further safeguard your password, follow these industry best practices:

  • Passwords must not be shared, available, or known to others (including administrators).
  • Passwords must not be displayed on input, reports, or other media.
  • Passwords should not be written down, printed, or stored in the clear.
  • Passwords should not be transmitted in the clear over an unsecured channel.
  • Do not choose passwords that could easily be guessed.
  • Never use a dictionary word or common name as part of a password.

2.2 Logging on to the Key2Benefits Administrator Portal

To access the Key2Benefits Administrator Portal, follow the steps below:

  1. Launch a web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer®, Google Chrome®)
  2. Visit the website
  3. Bookmark the login page for easy access for return visits.
  4. Enter your User ID and Password. Click Continue.

    Admin Portal

  5. The Search for Cardholder page will display immediately after you login. Use this page to locate a record for any cardholder that is already enrolled. You can also navigate to other functions by selecting the appropriate menu link.

    Admin Portal