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Working with Existing Cardholders

4. Working with Existing Cardholders

These procedures are used when you need to search for a cardholder, review deposit history, and update cardholder information through the Key2Benefits Administrator portal.

In order to Search for a cardholder’s information:

  1. Use the Search Cardholder page to locate the cardholder record. Click on the cardholder record you are looking for.

    Search Cardholder

  2. Click on the Cardholder you are looking for. The Cardholder record will appear. It contains the basic cardholder information required, including their name, address, phone, social security number, and date of birth.

    Cardholder Record

4.1 Reviewing Funding History

  1. On the Search for Cardholder page, enter cardholder information to locate the account. If multiple cardholders are returned, select the appropriate cardholder. The Search Results page appears.
  2. Once you have the cardholder’s profile on the page, hover over the Search Cardholder Menu in the top left-hand corner of your screen.
  3. Select Review History.

    Review History

  4. The Key2Benefits History page appears.

    Key2Benefits History

  5. To view additional pages, click Next. To view the previous page, click Previous.

4.2 Updating Cardholder Information

  1. On the Search for Cardholder page, search for the cardholder. If multiple cardholders are found, select the appropriate item. The Cardholder Search Results page appears.

    Cardholder Search Results

  2. On the Search Cardholder menu, select Update. The Update Cardholder Information page appears.

    Update Cardholder Info

  3. Make changes to the appropriate information and click Submit. A pop-up window with a confirmation message appears.

    You can use the Update Cardholder Information page to update the following information:

    • Name
    • Address, city, state, ZIP+4, country
    • Home and business telephone number
    • Social Security Number
    • Date of birth
    • Mother’s maiden name
    • Opt cardholder into paper statements (do not elect paper statements unless requested by the cardholder as fees may apply).

      Update Cardholder Info

    Note: If you change a cardholder’s name, it will not automatically submit a request for a new card. Please instruct your cardholder to contact customer service at 866-295-2955 in order to request a new card. The customer service center contact information is the same phone number they will find on the back of their card.

  4. Click Submit to complete your changes. A confirmation box will appear.

    Submit Update Cardholder Info

4.3 Working with Cardholder Information

There are various pieces of information available in the Card Information Toolbar within Key2Benefits. This section describes some of these items in detail to help respond to cardholder inquiries or research other aspects of the card account History.

Card Information Toolbar

  1. Card Name: name embossed on the card
  2. Card Status: this field describes one of many
    1. Active – the card has been activated by the cardholder and can be used to make purchases and access cash.
    2. Hot Card – the card has been reported as lost, stolen, or damaged, and placed into a hot card status, no transactions can be performed in this status.
    3. Warm Card – the card can be used for limited transaction types such as accepting deposits, account transfers, and inquiries. Debits cannot be performed in this status. Typically this status is used for cards that are being monitored for suspicious activity. Cardholder’s should contact customer service to verify recent account activity in these cases.
    4. Activation – the card has not been activated by the cardholder.
    5. Compromise – the card may have been impacted by a compromise event. The cardholder should contact customer service to determine whether a new card should be issued.
    6. Closed – the card has been closed, no transactions can be performed.
  3. Cardholder ID: unique identifier for the card account on the prepaid system. This is the number used to fund the card account via ACH. This value is critical to the funding process and should never be modified by a user.
  4. Expiration Date: this is the date the card will expire. The cardholder will need to receive a new card and activate it prior to their expiration date. Cards are set to expire based on your program’s specifications.
  5. Last Change: represents the last date a change was made to the card account, such as enrollment, demographic update, or replacement card issuance.
  6. Administrator ID: internal system identifier not used by program administrators.