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Introduction to ACH Direct

1.1 Overview of ACH Direct

ACH Direct is comprised of five main functional modules allowing real-time interaction with KeyBank’s ACH system. The modules include:

  1. Corporate Administrator – The Corporate Administrator has the ability to view and manage users’ notifications/alerts on ACH Direct for their organization. This role offers report access to an audit log outlining what users performed what action in ACH Direct. The Corporate Administrator cannot add new users or remove users from this portal, only view. Requests for users to be added or removed from ACH Direct must be requested through your Payment Advisor.
  2. Online Control Totals – ACH Originators may manage file control totals online, allowing you the capability to add, view, modify or delete totals for originated files. Control Totals on ACH Direct also display the status of the file indicated by ‘matched’ or ‘unmatched’ to the ACH File transmitted. In addition, email notifications provide ACH Originators updates during file arrival and collection.
  3. ACH Debit Protection through Electronic Payment Authorization (EPA) – Protect your account against electronic debit fraud by using our EPA service. EPA allows you to exercise more control over which entries are allowed to post to your accounts by limiting the transactions to only those that have been authorized. Choose to block all debit activity or establish and maintain authorization records to allow certain trading partners to debit your account. Dual verification is available to ensure both parties are in full agreement with the disposition of an item before it can be approved and released from the dual verification queue.
  4. File/Transaction Inquiry – Through the Warehouse feature, you may view the detail of your ACH Origination files or query details of your received ACH transactions. File/Transaction Inquiry provides up to 60 days of historical ACH items received on a specified account or originated from a specified account.
  5. File/Transaction Inquiry with Deletes and Reversal – Through the warehouse feature, any item originated by your organization can be requested to be reversed or deleted. Delete requests can only be submitted if the original item has not been released into the network. Reversals are permitted within 5 banking days of the original effective date.

ACH Direct Email Notifications

One of the best features of ACH Direct is the ability to enable notifications related to Control Totals, EPA/ACH Debit Block, file management and deletes/reversal requests. You may elect to receive event based email notifications; each notification type is assigned a number making it easy for you to identify the type of notification and any action required. All available email notifications will be enabled at time of set-up as a default.

Timing of Notifications and System Availability

ACH Direct Availability Schedule ACH Direct is available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week and only temporarily unavailable during system maintenance.

Notification Timing table

1.2 Getting Started on ACH Direct

Your KeyNavigator® sign-on provides your access to ACH Direct from the Payables tab as outlined below. Select Payables, then click on ACH Direct.

ACH Direct Enter

Implementation Expectations

Implementation Expectations Chart

Signing on to ACH Direct via KeyNavigator for the First Time

Once you have received your KeyNavigator log-in information and services have been enabled, it is recommended you complete the following steps the first time you log into ACH Direct via KeyNavigator.

NOTE: For new users to EPA/ACH Debit Protection, services will not be turned on until you respond to ACH Operations with a start date. Once ACH Direct is enabled, you will automatically be able to enter ACH Direct from the payables tab.

Entering ACH Direct

  1. From the Corporate tab of, log into KeyNavigator.
  2. Choose the Payables section of KeyNavigator and select ACH Direct. On the next screen select Enter ACH Direct.

    ACH Direct Payables

  3. The ACH Direct main menu will display. From the ACH Direct main menu please be aware of the Alerts and Information box which will provide you with important information on upcoming events, scheduled outages, holidays and ACH processing details. Choose your desired action from the available menu.

    ACH Alerts Home

Tips for ACH Direct

ACH Direct is optimized for Internet Explorer (IE) 9 but IE8 and IE10 are allowed. IE6 and previous versions will be blocked from use. Additionally, Firefox 27 and Chrome 33 are allowed. Depending on browser type and version, scrolling on Warehouse Detail Inquiry screens is normal.

Do not use the BACK button on your browser; instead navigate using the links contained within the ACH Direct pages.

To reduce the potential for missing a required action, users should log into ACH Direct on a daily basis to ensure all needed actions are performed.