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Overview of ACH Direct Corporate Administration

2.1 Overview of Corporate Administration Service

An ACH Direct Corporate Administrator role can be designated to facilitate self service capabilities which previously required you to contact Key and initiate a request.

This capability allows you, as the Corporate Administrator, to make immediate profile changes to your users to ensure up-to-date access is maintained in ACH Direct for the security of your organization.

For example, if an associate’s role in the organization has changed, an administrator can log into ACH Direct immediately and disable a user prior to notifying your Payment Advisor at Key to remove the user.

In addition, if a user is locked out or requires a password reset, this can now be performed by the Corporate Administrator in the company.

You can have more than one administrator role assigned. It is recommended to have at least two per organization to ensure uninterrupted coverage when changes are needed. Additionally, the Corporate Administrator role can be established with dual control, whereby the changes to user profiles require a second administrator approval.

Key will continue to provide this service as needed and changes to users can be requested through your Payments Advisor.

2.2 Viewing and Modifying All Corporate Users

  1. From the ACH Direct Main Menu, click Corporate Administration followed by Corporate User.
  2. This will provide you a listing of all users within your organization. Users not listed, or users who are listed and need to be removed, will require your company contact to make the official request through your Treasury Service Payments Advisor.
  3. Once users are displayed, locate the user to be modified. This can easily be done by using the magnifying search function located on the bottom of the user listings.
  4. To view a user, select the radio button to the left and hit MODIFY on the top toolbar.
  5. This will the ‘User Information’ box, displaying multiple fields of data related to that particular user. Some data cannot be edited and will appear ghosted in that field. Any changes to these fields will need to be arranged through your Treasury Services Payments Advisor. Other fields can be edited. Changes will be made immediately.
  6. Once you have modified the fields, select ‘Save’ to ensure user’s information is updated.

2.3 Password Resets

If you cannot log in , you will reach out to your Corporate Administrator for assistance. In addition, you can contact Key’s Commercial and Business Banking Center for password resets in the event a Corporate Administrator is unavailable.

  1. If you attempt incorrect log-in more than 5 times, you will be locked out and receive the following message:
  2. To rectify this, the Corporate Administrator will check the ‘Reset Invalid Password Counter’ option, located under the Fax Number field in the User Information box. 
  3. To reset a password, from your Corporate User list, click the radio button to select the appropriate user and hit MODIFY.
  4. Once the user’s information is displayed, scroll down to the ‘User Password’ and ‘Confirm Password’ section. Enter a temporary password in fields.

    The following password criteria are in place:

    1. Have 8 to 24 alpha/numeric characters
    2. Have at least one alpha character (A-Z)
    3. Have at least one numeric character (0-9)
    4. Have at least four unique characters
    5. Not be the same as any of the previous 12 passwords
    6. Be case-sensitive
    7. Cannot contain the user ID
  5. Once the temporary password has been entered, hit ‘Save’.
  6. The user will log in with the temporary password and should reset the password immediately.

2.4 Disabling Users

  1. As a Corporate Administrator, you have the ability to disable users due to changes in their employment or access. The status of an approved user will show as ‘Active’. To disable the user, click on the status and check the box to disable. To permanently remove the user from ACH Direct, please contact your Treasury Service Payment Advisor.
  2. 2. The reverse can occur if a user has been disabled and now needs to be made Active. To enable the user, click on the status. Check the box next to ‘Enable User’ and hit ‘Save’.

2.5 Assigning Groups

As a Corporate Administrator, you can ‘View’ what groups a user is assigned to and request roles to be added or removed as needed through your Treasury Service Payments Advisor. 1. On the User Profile, click on ‘Assign User’. This will display the access currently in place for the selected user.

2.6 Notifications

ACH Direct offers a variety of email notifications to users. As a Corporate Administrator, you can add or remove email notifications per user.

  1. On the User Profile, click the ‘Notifications’ and select ‘Add’ or ‘Remove’.
  2. This will display a selection of notifications that can be added or removed as appropriate for that user. Once your selection has been made, select ‘Save’ to update notifications for the selected user.

2.7 Reports

As a Corporate Administrator, ACH Direct brings you the ability to view audit activity for users.

  1. In the top, left section of the home page in ACH Direct, select the ‘Reports’ dropdown and click on ‘Audit Activity’.
  2. The screen will appear for you to select a specific user or all users. Enter the date or range of dates you are interested in viewing.
  3. Select the report type, sort fields and sort order. Once all selections have been made, select ‘View Report’.
  4. This will display an audit report of the user’s activity for the date range selected.