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Deletes and Reversals of Originated Items

Through the warehouse feature, any item originated by your organization can be requested to be reversed or deleted.

  • Reversals are permitted within 5 banking days of the original effective date.
  • Delete requests can only be submitted if the original item has not been released into the network
  • Reversal requests are performed once item has been located through the ACH Direct File/Transaction Inquiry Search
  • Only Items are permitted to be requested for deletion or reversal. Batch and File requests should be submitted directly to ACH Operations.
  1. Select the item to be Deleted/Reversed using the radio button and then click on Delete/Reverse.

    Delete Reverse

  2. You will receive the following Terms & Conditions. Select Agree to proceed.

    Terms & Conditions

    Requests will be submitted to the ACH application to validate that the request can be completed. It may take up to 5 minutes in order to receive notification that the request was successful. Email notification will be sent once the validation is completed; or you may check the status at a later time in ACH Direct.

  3. The Status of your request can be viewed by scrolling to the right of the screen when you are in Detail Browse. If the status states Pending, items are being requested.
  4. Request status

    If the status states None, no request for delete/reversal was submitted.

    Request status

    If you have any questions regarding ACH Direct, please contact your Payment Advisor or 800-821-2829.