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Payment types that can be created in the ACH module include payroll, cash concentration, vendor, tax and child support.

Yes, you can create future dated payments with effective dates up to 30 days in the future.

Payments are picked up throughout the day during various cutoffs with the final cutoff time of 8:00pm ET.

There are several reports available in the Report Management section of the ACH module:

  • Payment Detail Report provides all details associated with entered and approved payments.
  • Payment Summary Total Report provides summary information of payment batches that were sent, without providing the specific details of each transaction.
  • File Import Status Report provides status of imported transactions.
  • Payment Audit Trail Report shows actions users performed associated with any payments created.
  • Template Audit Trail Report shows actions users performed with templates created.
  • Customer Activity Report (in Information Reporting module) shows ACH returns, notifications of change and settlement reconcilement for the previous day’s activity.
  • EDI Remittance Report (in Information Reporting module) shows any addenda information that was sent with incoming ACH transactions posted to your account.

Yes, you can import ACH information into the module. The acceptable formats are Comma Delimited, Fixed Column or NACHA. You will need to create a file import map which tells the system how to read your file. A map can be created in the Setup Menu by selecting Detail Import Map.

Within the ACH module, you can setup alerts including: Payments Awaiting Approval, Payments Automatically Generated and Approver-Rejected Payments. Other email alert options are also available in the Message Center within Key Total Treasury.

For your convenience, ACH approvals can be completed on the go via your mobile phone with Key Total Treasury mobile.