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System Setup

4. System Setup

From the Setup dropdown, you can manage payment alerts, manage email recipient address, and set up groups. From the Detail Import Map option, you can also map import files to payment types and data fields.

System Setup

Alert Settings

  • Payment alerts that you have created will display in this list. Select the Add button to create an alert.

    Alert Settings

  • Alert Details include: selecting an available Alert Type; giving the alert an Alert Name; and entering a Recipient.
  • Selecting a given Alert Type option will display further options.
  • Enter a recipient's email address in the Recipient field or use the Recipient Lookup tool to pre-fill this field with an individual or a group that has been previously entered and saved.
  • Using the Schedule Time and Time Zone fields, schedule when this notification should occur based on the alert type. For this example, notification of payments needing approval will occur at 1pm ET.
  • From the expandable Payment Type segment, select the payment types to be included for these notifications. Payment types displayed will be based on your access entitlements.
  • Payment amount thresholds can be set for all selected payment types for either credit or debit.
  • Once all required fields are entered, select the Save button to save the alert. A confirmation modal window will be displayed. Your alert will now be displayed in the Alert Settings list.
  • Alert creation for Approver Rejected Payments alert follows the same flow.
  • Alerts can be created when payments are automatically generated via the Payment(s) Automatically Generated option (such as recurring payments), following the same flow.
  • Alerts are sent as plain text, include the alert type in the Subject line, and language that identifies how many transactions are matched in this alert.

    Alert Settings

Email Recipients and Groups

Email recipients are easily stored and modified in this part of ACH. Here, you can not only input new information, but also categorize and manage groups.

  • The Email Recipients section lists all email recipients.

    Email Recipients

  • Enter the Name and Email Address and then select the Save button, which will display a confirmation modal window.
  • You can also add other email recipients.
  • From the Action column, you can View, Modify, or Delete email recipients from the list.
  • You can create a group of email recipients by first creating an email group consisting of the User Group name and a unique name.
  • Create and assign email recipient groups by selecting the Add button.

    Email Recipient Groups

  • When selecting a group and recipient name, you can select Group Name and Recipient Name using their respective 'lookup' tools.
  • Each individual email recipient will have to be assigned to the group using this process.
  • Once a group has been created, you can select this group as the email recipient when creating an alert. Alerts will then be sent to all recipients in that group.