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Account Reconcilement Reports

This section will outline how to access your ARP reporting.

  1. Select "Account Reconcilement (ARP) Reports" from Reconcilement on the Account Management main page of Key Total Treasury. NOTE: Scroll to the right if full screen is not displayed.
  2. Utilize the dropdown menu to select the appropriate account.
  3. Click "Next."
  4. Utilize the dropdown menu to select the type of report you wish to view.
    • Check Reconciliation – Period Ending – The Check Reconciliation report will provide a listing of paid checks, and if you are on Full ARP, you will also receive a listing of outstanding checks and exception items. These reports are available online for 13 months.
    • Deposit Reconciliation – Period Ending – This report provides a list of deposits by store/location number. These reports are available online for 13 months.
    • Daily Reports/Audit Listing – Daily reports are highly specialized and technical. Generally, our standard reports meet and exceed the needs of most clients. If you have any unique or atypical reporting requirements, please contact your Treasury Services Payments Advisor to discuss your needs. The daily audit report contains details from the issue file. You can confirm receipt of your ARP file by checking the audit listing. These reports are available online for 62 days.

      NOTE: The Daily Audit Report confirms that your file was received. The File confirmation screen that appears after submitting a file only confirms that you successfully connected to Key; it does not confirm that Key received your ARP file, nor does it confirm that the file was in the appropriate format and contained the correct information.

    • Corporate Banking Statement –The end-of-period banking statement. These reports are available online for 13 months.
  5. Select "Next."
  6. From this screen, you can view a PDF version of the selected report by clicking on the report that you wish to view, change the account number by clicking on "Change Account," or change the type of report by clicking on "Change Report Type." Select "Main Page" to return to the Account Management main page.