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User-Level Access & Entitlements

Access to Book Transfer is granted first at the company-level and second at the user-level. After a company is granted access to Book Transfer, user-level access and entitlements are configurable by your Company Administrator in KeyNavigator Self-Service. If your company does not have access to KeyNavigator Self-Service, you can contact your KeyBank Payments Advisor to request changes.

User-Level Entitlements for Book Transfer:

  1. Create Book Transfers & Templates: Users with this level of access can create Book Transfers and save Book Transfer templates.
  2. Approve Book Transfers: To leverage the approval feature in Book Transfer, the entitlement must first be granted at the company-level. After your company has opted-in to Book Transfer approvals, specific users can be granted approval authority for specific accounts.

Note: All Book Transfers must be decisioned by a user with the appropriate approval authority prior to transfer. Transfers not approved prior by 11:59 PM ET on the scheduled transfer date will expire and must be resubmitted.