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Perform a Loan Inquiry

To view details regarding loans that you have access to on KeyNavigator, including information on the balance, available credit, and amount due:

  1. Select Loan Inquiry from the Loan Management main page.

    Loan Inquiry

  2. A list of your loans will be displayed, along with the obligor and obligation numbers, obligation type, principal balance, line of credit available, total amount due, and the maturity date.

To Filter the Report:

  1. Select Filter from the Loan Inquiry Report.

    Loan Inquiry Filter

  2. Utilize the dropdown menus to select the obligor and obligation numbers and obligation type.

    Loan Inquiry Obligor

  3. Enter the amount of the principal balance or a balance range.
  4. Enter the amount of the line of credit available or an available credit range.
  5. Enter the total amount due or a range.
  6. Enter the maturity date or a date range.
  7. Select Download to download a report that is filtered according to the parameters that you selected, or select View to view the filtered report to return to the loan inquiry listing. Select Cancel to return to the loan inquiry listing.
  8. To return to the original listing, select Unfilter.

To Download the Report:

  1. Select Download from the loan inquiry listing.

    Loan Inquiry Return

To View Additional Details Regarding a Specific Transfer:

  1. Click on the obligation number.
  2. Additional details, including the rate and a history of transactions performed since the last cut-off, will be displayed.

    NOTE: All transactions, not just those performed on KeyNavigator will be reflected.

  3. Select Return to go back to the Loan Inquiry listing.

    Loan Inquiry Detail Return