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Payables FAQ

Authorizations that are added, modified or deleted in ACH Direct and reject decisioning actions are performed by one user and approved by another; depending on the 2 specific parameters established for each associate:

  1. Associate Level
    • Level 1 – Can add, modify or delete authorizations and decision pending rejects. Cannot approve those actions taken by others
    • Level 2 – can perform the actions of Level 1 and also approve the actions taken by others (either Level 1 or Level 2 associates).
  2. EPA Maximum Dollar Limit

The EPA Max Dollar Amount assigned to an associate is the maximum transaction amount not requiring secondary approval. Secondary approval does not take into account the user’s EPA Maximum Dollar Limit.

Commercial Loan statements are available for a rolling 13 months. They are available within two business days after your statement cut-date (typically end of month).

Yes. You can submit a check issuance file through KeyNavigator web-based file transfer or direct transmission. This data can also be part of a Consolidated Payables file.

Yes. You can submit a check issue file through web-based file transfer within KeyNavigator or directly to Key via direct transmission. A Check Outsourcing or a Consolidated Payables file will automatically load check issuance information for Positive Pay.

You can call us at 1-800-447-3817, Option 6. Your call will be routed to our Wire Investigations area. The caller must be an authorized representative on your account. Key will then send a tracer / message out to the beneficiary bank requesting the recall.