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Section 2

Telephone Initiated Wires (VRU with PIN)

Telephone initiation of wires through the Voice Response Unit (VRU) is ideal for lower volumes or infrequent wire needs. Work with your Payments Advisor to define company users, set limits and receive unique PINs needed for wire initiation. Complete instructions arrive with the PIN.

You can initiate wires by calling the Wire Department VRU from 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. ET. Be sure to allow time for a callback, if necessary.

The VRU will request and validate your unique PIN and account information. After touchtone authentication has occurred, if needed, you will be connected to a wire transfer representative to complete the transaction.

Please note: repetitive wires release immediately. Call-backs occur on all non-repetitive wires unless you have waived the call-back process. We strongly recommend you do not waive the call-back process.

Call-Back Options are set at the Account level. The default is to receive a callback on all non-repetitive wires. Contact your Payments Advisor to set up your users and to define the call-back option:

  • Callback – The wire department calls the telephone number provided by the client and the additional Authorized Representative is asked to verify all non-repeat wires. (Repeat wires do not require a callback)
  • Callback with PIN – The Authorized Representative is required to provide a PIN
    • Callback contact cannot be the initiator
    • PIN used to initiate wire cannot be used again to release the wire
  • Only one PIN can be issued per user
  • Callback with Dollar Limit – Optional service where secondary callbacks will be initiated for wires at or above a client specified dollar limit
  • Callback with PIN and Dollar limit – combining the two above options
  • Waiver of callback is an option on the Wire Payment Authorization form, but is not a best practice and is not recommended.

    Inquiries, questions about agreements, PINS, repeats, Standing Transfer Orders (STO), and open Investigations can be directed to this phone number. Select the option that fits your need.

    If you use KeyNavigator or batch wire initiation, you should maintain VRU credentials for back up or disaster recovery purposes. If you send batch wires, it is strongly recommended that you also maintain credentials for using KeyNavigator to be used in emergency situations.