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Simple Web Manual Payments

Manual Payments

In this set up, E-Bill & Collect does not need to receive details about your customers ahead of time. This allows it to support Billers who are unable to supply billing details.

Enter Payment Details

The customer will be required to enter details of the account they want to pay (as shown above) as well as an email address.

They will then be able to select the Payment Method (Bank, Card) that they want to use, and will be prompted to enter details of the account based on their selection. Finally, they will be able to enter a payment amount before submitting the payment details for verification.

NOTE: Accepting Bank Account as payment method is not advised since authentication is required. This is a NACHA ACH rule.

Verify Payment Details

Details of the account and payment the customer entered before confirming the payment (or canceling or editing) will be shown. 

Once confirmed, any business rules will be run. If a card is being used for payment, an authorization will be processed. Error messages will be displayed if there are any issues.

Payment Confirmed

If there are no issues, a payment confirmation will be displayed with a unique confirmation number and an email receipt sent to the email address entered by the customer.