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Viewing Deposit History

The Deposit History feature allows a company's entitled users to view the completed deposits that they have made themselves using the KeyNavigator Mobile Deposit application within the last 30 days.

  1. Log on to KeyNavigator Mobile Deposit. From the home screen select the Menu icon. Menu icon
  2. TAP Deposit History. The History screen appears with three distinct tabs at the top:
    • The default landing page is Completed Deposits Check icon- these are deposits that have posted to your account. Deposits that you made using the KeyNavigator Mobile Deposit application are arranged newest to oldest, within the last 30 calendar days, or a list of the last 25 deposits, whichever occurs first.
    • Rejected Deposits – deposits that have been rejected by a reviewer if the relationship has the review/approver roles (see section 5).
    • Pending Deposits Arrow icon are deposits that have yet to complete processing.

      Pending Deposits

  3. The default list of deposits in is date order from Newest to Oldest. To change the order to Oldest to Newest, TAP on the Newest to Oldest bar.

    Newest to Oldest

  4. To view more details on a specific deposit, TAP the > item for more details.
  5. The History Details screen displays the account number, total deposit amount, status of the deposit, the memo and a list of the checks included in the deposit.

    History Details

  6. To view an image of the check deposited, TAP the Check Detail.

    Check Detail

  7. After viewing the image of the check, TAP the X in the top left corner to return to the previous screen and main deposit history.