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Deposit Review Service

KeyNavigator mobile offers a deposit review service. This service allows a company to define an established role of a reviewer for each deposit. The reviewer must review and approve each deposit prior to submitting the deposit for processing. The reviewer must determine whether to approve, reject, or allow other reviewers to be able to review and decision the deposit.

5.1 Reviewing a Deposit

  1. As a reviewer, log on to KeyNavigator Mobile Deposit. From the Home screen TAP Deposit Review.

    Deposit Review

  2. On the Deposit Review screen, the deposits are listed in order from newest to oldest. Tap the desired deposit to review.

    Desired Deposit Review

  3. The Deposit Detail screen contains deposit details including the depositor username, account, total deposit amount and comments. Tapping the check detail will allow the reviewer to view an image of the check deposited. A reviewer can choose an action to decision this deposit:
    • Reject – Deposit rejected and must be submitted again by the original depositor.
    • Release – Releases the deposit for others to review.
    • Complete – Submits the deposit for processing.

    Deposit Detail

  4. If an item is rejected or complete – a confirmation screen will be displayed. If the deposit is released for others to view, no confirmation screen is presented.

    Confirmation Screen

5.2 Correcting a Rejected Deposit

A reviewer may reject a deposit for processing for many reasons such as:

  • The depositor needs to remove a specific check from the deposit in a multi-check deposit.
  • The depositor needs to change the amount of the deposit.
  • The bank client does not want to accept the deposit (delete a check).
  1. To correct a deposit in the KeyNavigator Mobile Deposit application that a reviewer has rejected, the depositor must log on to KeyNavigator Mobile Deposit.
  2. TAP the Home button and select deposit history.  
  3. TAP the Rejected tab. From the list of rejected deposits, select the deposit to correct.

    Rejected Tab

  4. Deposits that need to be approved will be listed on the Pending tab.
  5. The Rejected Details screen appears displaying the account number, total deposit amount, deposit status, the memo (if the depositor entered a memo), comments (if the reviewer entered a comment), and a list of the checks included in the deposit. To begin the deposit correction process TAP Correct Rejected Deposit.

    TAP Correct Rejected Deposit

  6. At the Deposit Review screen, TAP Add Check to add another check to the deposit. To add another check, follow the add check flow referenced in 3.1 or 3.2. TAP the edit button to edit the deposit.
  7. At the edit check screen, TAP Delete iconto delete the check from the deposit. A confirmation screen will appear to continue to either delete the check or cancel the deletion.

    Delete Deposit

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