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Imaging and Reporting

Access the Receivables tab to view all of your lockbox activity in detail. View deposits at a glance, create a customized report and search for data and images. Hyperlinks will take you to more detailed information of deposits made into each lockbox.

4.1 Reports

The Report tab will provide you with a detailed view of all lockbox activity for the current day or historically for up to seven (7) years. You can use the filter buttons to change the date and / or lockboxes displayed and use the print button to print a version of the report, optimized for print. In addition, the download button will allow you to download the report in CSV or PDF formats.

4.2 Images

Your images will be linked directly from the detail report and you can click on the camera icons or the transaction sequence number buttons to view the images for each transaction. On the Transaction Detail screen, you can link to all the images in that transaction and view, manipulate, or print the image with the toolbar provided. You can also download all images in PDF format.