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Additional Functionality

6.1 Search

You can easily search for images from either the Receivables basic search panel or from the fully advanced Search tab. Criteria available will be based on the originally captured set-up for your lockboxes.

lockbox search

You can search one, all, or any combination of the following field options using either exact or a range of criteria:

  • Lockbox Number
  • Batch Sequence Number
  • Check Routing
  • Transit Number
  • Batch Amount
  • Check Number
  • Check Amount
  • Check Serial Number
  • Transaction Sequence Number
  • Deposit Date
  • Transaction Item

The following twelve optional search fields are also available if you choose to use Key’s data entry service:

  • Customer Number
  • Invoice Number
  • Invoice Name
  • Invoice City
  • Invoice State
  • Invoice Date
  • Gross Invoice Amount
  • Net Amount
  • Payor Name
  • Payor City
  • Payor State
  • Check Date

6.2 Customized Display Settings

By clicking on the Settings tab, you can customize your display settings. For example, choose the lockbox to view or edit as well as how the data is displayed on the screen each time you enter the system.

lockbox settings