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KeyBank’s Lockbox Solutions Team will handle the set-up and implementation of your Lockbox. This team will be led by your Payments Advisor, who will work in tandem with your Relationship Manager. Both will be supported by a Client Advisor or Implementation Manager, who will take on a strong servicing role throughout the implementation process.

Additionally, your implementation project group will consist of any other members of your assigned Key Team and any Operations/Product contacts necessary to make sure the implementation process runs smoothly.

This team will ensure that the implementation of our lockbox solutions is organized and efficient in both delivery and communication. A conversion task list will outline each step of the set-up process and what actions need to be taken by either you or Key. Throughout the implementation, we will be in communication via weekly conference calls to update you on the progress and completion of the implementation. Additionally, we will complete quality checks shortly after each solution has been implemented to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Key will also provide all the necessary support during implementation. Our support includes training, technical assistance, and onsite visits as needed.

Key’s Commercial Business and Banking Center (CBBC) should be your first point of contact for all inquiries and issues, regardless of urgency level. If necessary, Key’s Commercial Business and Banking Center will create and route the request back to the Lockbox Solutions Team for appropriate resolution and follow-up.

The Commercial and Business Banking Center can be reached Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. ET at 1-(800)-821-2829.