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Receivables FAQ

E-Bill & Collect is an electronic bill presentment and payment (EBPP) service and provides a configurable payment engine that integrates with your website. It facilitates the presentment of recurring consumer bills and collection (recurring or one-time) via electronic channels. The site is highly configurable and branded to your specifications.

E-Bill & Collect is designed specifically for consumer to business (C2B) payments, which are generally categorized by the relationship between the consumer and the business, as recurring billing, not e-commerce/retail payments. Examples of the recurring billing are: utility bill payments, insurance premium payments, and credit card payments. Examples of e-commerce payments include: retail and online shopping.

Yes, the simple web channel (sometimes called ‘Guest’ or ‘Unenrolled Payments’) allows your customer to make a one-time payment in 3 or 4 steps through a website that does not require them to go through an enrollment process to make the payment.

Key features and options include

  • Accessed directly or via Single Sign On (SSO)
  • English and Spanish configuration option
  • Phone number and email address capture
  • Funding source (bank or card) capture, with option to save details for future use
  • Same day payments, with option to allow future dated payments
  • Display of up to 4 amounts owed, and option to allow entry of any amount
  • Option to charge a convenience fee for payment processing
  • Customer can review payment before confirming it
  • Email sent upon payment confirmation
  • Option to redirect customer back to your website to confirm payment if SSO is enabled
  • Option to notify biller in real time when a simple web payment is confirmed

Yes, and being web-based, Key Capture requires less computer space than non-web-based alternatives. It is also a “smart client” application that provides automatic upgrades.

Organizations that desire to make high-volume check deposits as an electronic file of check images and accompanying data. These companies scan and capture check image data using their own equipment and software, then they transmit an industry standard check image file directly to Key for rapid deposit into their account.

The phone system and online keying of concentration or disbursement transactions both have keying deadlines of 8:00 p.m. ET.