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Check Capture

3.1 Prepare the Deposit

  • All Key Capture Deposits are to be no more than 300 items, and should not exceed a total deposit amount of $10 million.
Prepare Key Capture Deposit Prepare Key Capture Deposit

3.2 Scan Checks

Scan Checks steps

After clicking Continue, the application will begin communication with the scanner, beginning the scanning process:

Scanning process

A notification will be provided when scanning is complete. Click Submit Deposit.

Scan Complete

After submitting the deposit, a pop-up window will appear with basic information regarding the deposit. You can choose to go back and edit the deposit, or submit it for processing. A Submit Deposit example appears below.

Submit Deposit pop-up

After clicking Submit Deposit, the deposit receipt will display. You can choose to print the receipt, or can continue back to the Home Page screen by clicking OK.

Deposit Receipt

3.3 Balance Deposit

3.3.1 In-Balance Deposit

The transaction is in balance when the total amount of the checks scanned equals the amount of the expected deposit total and the amount in the Difference field displays as ‘0.00.’

If a deposit is out-of-balance, an alert will be displayed in the upper left hand corner of the screen:

out-of-balance alert

In an out-of-balance situation, after clicking Submit Deposit, the following screen will appear. You may either Edit Deposit or Update Total; then proceed.

out-of-balance submit deposit

3.4 Exit Key Capture

To exit Key Capture, select the logout button in the top right hand corner of KeyNavigator.

3.5 Deposit History

Previous deposits are available for review and research by accessing the main screen. Click the deposit to review that specific deposit.

Deposit history

While reviewing deposited items, you will also be able to view the virtual endorsement feature (if enabled), which will display the following information:

  • Corporate ID (within the Key Capture system)
  • Deposit Account Number
  • The phrase, “For Deposit Only”

Refer to section 6.1 Virtual Endorsement to view a virtual endorsement example.

Deposit history is retained for 90 days, and deposit history can be sorted by date, amount, account or location by selecting the headings.

3.6 Check Retention & Destruction

According to the terms of the Key Capture agreement, you are required to maintain a policy and process related to the secure retention and destruction of processed checks. While every client should develop a process and standard that makes sense for your business, Key recommends the following:

  • A 30 to 60 day retention period is adequate (99% of returned items occur within 30 days, in Key’s experience).
  • While Key Capture assists in identifying items which have not been scanned correctly (poor image quality), there is always a small chance that an item may be returned to Key by another financial institution.
  • You should weigh the risks and costs associated with secure check retention against the risk and cost related to items returned for poor image quality.