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8.1 Key Capture Quick Start Guide

  1. Enter the new login information (i.e., click Sign-on to Key Capture)
    1. Close any open applications running on your PC.
    2. Type your username and password in the applicable boxes.
    3. Press the ‘OK’ button.
    4. Key Capture will launch and the Key Capture main window will display.
  2. Prepare the deposit.
    1. Select the account to which the deposit will be made. The ‘Expected Total’ screen will display.
    2. Type the total amount of the transaction (with a decimal point) in the ‘Amount’ field.
    3. Press the ‘OK’ button.
    4. Within a few seconds, the check scanner will be prompted and will be ready for use.
  3. Scan checks.
    1. Place checks in the front feeder tray of the image capture device as follows:
      • The face of the checks should be pointing outward.
      • The right edge of all checks should be aligned.
      • Initially, no more than 20 checks should be inserted at one time (multi-feed scanner only).
      • Checks should be placed all the way into the feeder.
    2. The checks will automatically feed into the capture device.
  4. Send data.
    1. Submit deposit.
  5. Confirm the deposit.
    1. Review the information on the ‘Deposit Confirmation’ screen.
    2. Click the ‘Confirm’ button to finalize your submission. The ‘Deposit Receipt’ window will display.
    3. Click the ‘Print’ button to print the deposit receipt.
    4. Click the ‘OK’ button to return to the main window.
  6. Exit Key Capture. Close out of the browser

8.2 Sample Checks

Shown below are samples of personal, business and substitute checks.