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9.1 Key Capture Error Messages

Key Capture Error Messages Key Capture Error Messages

For Key Capture Technical Assistance call 866-886-0848.

9.2 Clear Check Jams

When checks jam in the scanner, a message will display notifying you that a jam has occurred.

Document Jammed message

Follow these steps to clear the check jam:

Clear Check Jam steps

9.3 Image Quality Analysis

Key Capture software uses Image Quality Analysis (IQA) to determine whether the quality of the check image is acceptable to exchange with other banks. A check can fail IQA for any of the reasons listed below:

  • Image position (upside down, backward, or skewed)
  • Ineligible items
  • Image quality (too light or too dark)
  • Rear partial image

The warning message for all IQA failures is similar.

IQA Error

Determine why a check failed Image Quality Analysis, and take appropriate action to correct the problem.

Because the check is sprayed with the Item Sequence Number (ISN) for internal tracking and identification purposes, if you need to rescan for any reason; first place a white label over the initial ISN sprayed on the back of the check and then proceed with scanning.

9.3.1 Ineligible Items

The following items cannot be scanned using Key Capture:

  • Savings bonds
  • Treasury, Tax & Loan (TT&L)
  • Canadian and other foreign checks If one of these items is captured, the following screen will display. Hit the Remove Item button.

9.3.2 Image Position

  • If the check failed IQA because it was upside down or backward, correct the problem by removing the poor image and rescanning the check properly.
  • Key Capture will display an Excessive Skew error message when the check has gone through the scanner at an angle, thus causing the image to be of poor quality. When this happens, click Remove Item to delete the image. Then, remove the check and rescan it.

9.3.3 Rear Partial Image

Key Capture will display the Rear Partial Image error message when there is a problem with the image quality of the check. Delete the check and rescan it if the image of the back of the check is of worse quality than the original.

9.3.4 Duplicate Items

Key Capture compares current check information with checks captured over the last 45 days and presents items found to be similar for review. It is important to scrutinize these items carefully, especially after clearing a jam, to prevent out-of-balance conditions and prevent negative impact to your clients.

If the check is a duplicate:

  • Click the Duplicate Check button to delete the check from the current deposit.
  • If you determine this is not a duplicate check, click the Different Check button to keep the item in the current deposit.

9.4 Correct Image Capture Entries

9.4.1 Amount Entry

Key Capture software uses a process called Courtesy Amount Recognition (CAR) to read the numerically written dollar amount on a check. CAR typically can read 60% to 75% of the written amounts on checks. If CAR fails to read the check:

  • The Correction Required screen will display:
    • An image of the check will be shown on the center of the screen.
    • A message will appear in the screen with the Amount field encased in red, stating that the amount of the check needs to be corrected.
  • Type the amount with a decimal point (e.g., 500.00 = $500.00) in the Amount field and press the OK button.
  • Press the Remove Check button to remove the check.

Checks will continue to feed through the image capture device even when a previously scanned check is presented for correction. After an amount has been entered, the software will continue reading until the batch is complete or another check is presented for correction.

9.5 “Piggybacked” Checks

Piggybacked checks occur when two checks go through the scanner at the same time. This causes poor image quality, as well as a difference in the deposit amount.

Follow the steps below to correct piggybacked checks. If the image is not removed and rescanned, it will be charged back as an adjustment.

If the image is not removed and rescanned, it will be charged back as an adjustment.

Correct Piggybacked Checks

9.6 Out-of-Balance Deposit

If the total amount of the checks scanned does not equal the amount of the expected deposit total, the deposit is out-of-balance. The difference is displayed in the upper left hand corner of the screen. Determine the cause of the out-of-balance condition using the following steps:

Out-of-Balance cause Out-of-Balance cause

Correct the out-of-balance situation by:

Correct Out-of-Balance

Editing the Amount of the Expected Total

Ensure that the amount of the expected deposit total was entered correctly. Correct the Expected Total Amount by performing the following:

Expected Total Amount
Expected Total Amount update

Click the Update Total button to submit the transaction and proceed to the Deposit Confirmation screen.

9.7 Deposit Recovery

If the Internet connection is lost prior to the submission of the deposit, or the Key Capture application goes down, the deposit can be resumed from the point where the problem occurred.

When Key Capture is restarted, the following screen will display:

Recover Deposit

Click Recover Deposit to resume the last deposit. Ensure that the last check in the tray is the last check on the screen. Remove any checks from the scanner that do not appear on the screen and reprocess those items.

Recover Deposit

Click Cancel Deposit to delete the deposit.

Only the user who starts the deposit can complete it. Otherwise, the entire deposit will need to be reprocessed.

Once the deposit is cancelled, it cannot be recovered and all checks will have to be recaptured.

9.8 Replacing Digital Check Printer Cartridge

Please select reset button. After replacing an ink cartridge, the scanner may need to be reset by depressing the reset button to initiate the printing function (as shown in the images on the following page.)

NOTE: Please sign out of Key Capture prior to using the reset button.

Digital Check - CX30 Reset button

CX30 Reset button

Digital Check - TS240 Reset button

TS240 Reset button

9.9 Changing Scanner

The user will select Settings in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Dropdown will appear with the listing of Change Check Scanner. Select this option.

Change Check Scanner

The Device Selection will display with the ability to select from the following scanner options: TS2XX (Digital Check,CX30 and Digital Check TS240), SmartSource (Burroughs), VisionX (Panini X50, Panini X75, Panini X1F) and Flatbed.

Clicking on a specific scanner will install the driver accordingly after clicking Continue. Upon completion of the installation of the driver, submit a deposit utilizing the updated scanner/scanner driver.

device selection

9.10 How to Uninstall Device Drivers

  • Select the following icon in the lower left corner of your Windows Start Menu. Windows button
  • Select Control Panel.
    Control Panel
  • Select Programs and Features. Programs and Features
  • Find your specific scanner’s driver program, for example:
    • Digital Check Teller Scan – “TellerScan 32-bit and 64-bit Combined Driver version12.00”
    • Each scanner will have its own name listed, beginning with the brand name.
  • Select the scanner, right – click and select Uninstall. Uninstall scanner