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  • Automated Repurchase Agreement Sweep provides a Daily Sweep Confirmation that displays the deposit account ledger and available balances, net transaction activity, the sweep target available balance, the sweep investment amount, the underlying investment security and daily, monthly and yearly income earned.
  • Automatic Investment Sweep provides a Daily Investment Sweep Report that displays the money market mutual fund name, investment account opening balance, amount invested (purchased) or amount sold (redeemed), investment account closing balance, dividend rate and daily earnings amount. A monthly statement for the investment account is provided.
  • Credit Sweep provides a Daily Credit Sweep Report that displays the previous day loan balance before sweeping, the amount of any sweep paydown / advance transfer, and the previous day closing loan balance. For some loans (on Loan IQ system), the following are also displayed: loan commitment amount, interest rate, net loan activity and available credit.
  • Deposit Sweep provides a monthly statement for the investment account.

For all sweep types, sweep debits and credits to the deposit account are displayed on the optional Previous Day Report of all transaction activity.