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Online Currency and Coin Ordering

This section will provide you with step-by-step instructions for how to place currency and coin orders online through KeyNavigatorSM. Screenshots have also been provided along with the instructions to guide you through the process.

2.1 How to Place Currency and Coin Orders online with KeyNavigator

  1. From your internet browser, log into KeyNavigator.
    • Enter your User ID and Password in the KeyNavigator sign-on box and click the Sign On button.
  2. Once you are logged into KeyNavigator, under the Quicklinks in the top left hand corner, click the gear icon to create a Quicklink.

    Quicklinks Setup

  3. From the Customize Your Quicklinks screen, scroll down to the Specialized Services section and select Cash Vault Currency & Coin Order. If you have the ability to order Canadian Currency, you may also select Foreign Currency Exchange. Click Done.

    Quicklinks Vault Selections

  4. Then, under your customized Quicklinks section, click the Cash Vault Currency and Coin Order link.

    Quicklinks Vault Currency

  5. After you click the Cash Vault Currency & Coin Order tab, the next screen will be the Cash Vault Ordering System main log-in. Here, you will enter your existing Client ID, User ID, and PIN.

    Ordering System

    If you are a new user of the Vault Ordering System, the system will prompt you to change your PIN upon your first log in. For existing users of the Vault Ordering System, your Client ID, User ID, and PIN are synchronized to be the same online as what you use to place currency and coin orders via phone. For this reason, if you change your PIN online, your PIN for the phone system will also change. If you call to have your PIN changed through the phone system, your PIN for online ordering will change accordingly.

  6. Once you are logged into the Cash Vault Ordering System, you will be taken directly to the screen used to place an order.

    Ordering Screen

    To place your order you will need to complete the following fields:

    • Currency Type: This is only applicable if you have access to order both U.S. and Canadian currency.
    • Delivery Date: Based on your standard daily order cut-offs, if you select a delivery date that we are unable to fulfill, you will receive an error message asking you to change your delivery date. Rush order deliveries may be available by contacting KeyBank’s Commercial Banking Services at 800-821-2829.

      Ordering Screen

    • Create Your Order:
      • Select USD for U.S. currency orders
      • Enter amounts in the Amount of Order column on the right
      • The Order Total field will automatically populate with the total amount of your order
      • Entered amounts can be edited at any time on this page
      • Error messages will appear if invalid information is entered in any fields
      • Click Review Order to see an order summary before you submit it.
  7. Review your order to ensure order accuracy. The screen will bring up a summary of your order including order total, currency breakdown, delivery date, and confirmation number.

    Review Order

    If you need to cancel an order, press the Cancel Order button. You will receive a message asking if you are sure you want to cancel your order. Click OK to complete the cancellation.

    Confirm Cancel

  8. Submit your currency and coin order, or edit your order.
    • If your order is correct, click Submit Order to process your order. You will then receive a confirmation number for your order. Click Print to print a copy of the page for your records.
    • If you need to change your order, click Edit Order. You will then be taken to the main order screen where any changes change be made. The order total will automatically update based on any changes made.
    • If you need to place another currency order, click Place Another Order. You will then be asked to log in again with your credentials. You may place another order for the same location (same credentials) or for a different location of your company.
      • You may submit multiple orders for the same location that are to be delivered on different days.
    • If you are finished with your orders, click Log Off.

      Confirm Order