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Vault Ordering FAQ

You may submit your currency and coin orders by phone by calling the automated ordering system at (800) 363-1491, online through Key Total Treasury, or by File Transmission.

KeyBank is the destination for all requests through any ordering option.

You are not required to utilize one option for currency and coin orders. Any combination may be used at any time

No, each ordering type has the same options and cutoff times.

Information you will need to sign on to the phone and online ordering systems include your Client ID, User ID, and password. These are all provided to you by KeyBank. After your first sign on, you can change the password to one of your choosing.

Yes, you will be locked out of the ordering system after three unsuccessful attempts to login. If this occurs, then you should call the Commercial and Business Banking Contact Center at 800-821-2829, Monday thru Friday, 8:00 am – 9:00 pm EST.

Yes, you may make multiple requests through the same sign on without disconnecting and redialing the phone system or logging out and back into the online system.

No, there are not different sign on credentials for the phone and online options.

In the Key Total Treasury online order history, you will be able to see order history from phone, online, and file transmission orders.

Any 30 day period from the previous seven years is available in the Key Total Treasury Online order system.

Currency and coin order placed by 10 am EST cutoff on a business day will bee ready for armored pick up the next business day.

At the point of order cutoff, KeyBank will verify all order request for “good funds” and prepare those that have funds available. KeyBank will approve these requests and send them to the appropriate vault for fulfillment. For orders that are drawn on accounts lacking available funds, an escalation process will be pursued. Impacted clients will be required to have funds available before fulfillment can occur. A lack of funds may delay order requests.

For any order, a currency and coin type as well as a delivery date are provided.

Yes, order requestors have the opportunity to review their orders at any time before the orders are submitted.

After submitting an order request, each order is assigned a Confirmation Number that may be used for review and research purposes.