Employer FAQs

Visit KeyNavigator or Key Business Online and click on the Key2Payroll link. Or, access it directly at www.key.com/k2payroll.

You will need your Key2Payroll username and password to log in to the sites to access your information.

  1. New Account Report: Provides details around all newly opened accounts on a given day.
  2. Instant Issue Card Summary: Lists all instant issue cards opened on a given day.
  3. Card Never Activated: List of cards that have not been activated

The Key2Payroll reports are currently sent to clients via email but will be soon be available within KeyNavigator.

You can add a new employee through the employer portal (available via www.key.com/k2payroll) or assign an instant issue card to an employee.

Please refer to the Employer User Guide for instructions on setting up cardholders.

If you forget your Key2Payroll username or password, send an email to ccdo_prepaid_team@keybank.comc to request a reset of your password.

Cardholders can get information about their cards via the following:

  • Access www.Key2Payroll.com to view balances, recent transactions, and your transaction history at no charge
  • Access 24 hour customer service, 365 days a year customer support at 1-866-295-2955 at no charge
  • Additional FAQs for cardholders are available at www.key2payroll.com

Visit www.key.com/k2payroll to download Marketing Materials from the Key2Payroll Employer Toolbox.

The collateral in the toolbox provides awareness to employees about the benefits of the Key2Payroll program.

No, there are no standard program set up fees. If custom work is requested, fees will apply.

No, there are no annual fees.

No, there is not a minimum number of cards.

You will need to submit an ACH file through your ACH provider. The process is same as Direct Deposit.

Please contact your ACH provider.

Prepaid Direct Deposit Timing chart
ACH Cards loaded by (ET)
File Deadline
8:00 PM 4:00 AM
Day-1 Day-0
Mon-Fri Mon-Fri
3:00 AM 12:00 PM
Day 0 Day 0
Mon-Fri Mon-Fri
Fri 7:30 PM Fri 4:00 AM