About your Key2Prepaid card - Support

Frequently asked questions about activation, usage and benefits of your Key2Prepaid card®.


Key2Prepaid Support Questions

Can I view my Key2Prepaid account online?

Yes, enroll your Key2Prepaid card at www.Key2Prepaid.com. The following functions can be performed online:

  • PIN Change
  • Balance inquiry
  • View card transactions
  • View historical transactions history
  • Update your contact information and address
  • Sign up for email or text message alerts
Where can I find my Key2Prepaid transaction history?

Your transaction history can be viewed online 24/7 at www.Key2Prepaid.com. Review the Key2Prepaid Schedule of Card Fees for details.

How can I update my address if I move?

Contact the Key2Prepaid Customer Support line at 1-866-295-2955 to report an address change or visit www.Key2Prepaid.com to make the changes through the website. Also, be sure to contact your administrator to report your address change so that your mail may also be sent to the correct address.

Who should I contact if I have questions about my Key2Prepaid card?

For questions about your Key2Prepaid card, contact the Key2Prepaid Customer Support line 24 hours a day, seven days a week, toll-free at 1-866-295-2955. This number is also listed on the back of your card.