Key Total Treasury


Manage Liquidity & Investments

Cash flow, credit management and investment maximization all can materially contribute to the financial success of an organization. As such, Key offers a variety of liquidity and investment management solutions that can ensure advantageous returns.

From our traditional bank deposit accounts to investment and credit sweep accounts to foreign currency hedging and other financial products and services, we can help you to maximize daily cash positions; pay down debt; ensure cash is invested strategically as soon as it is accessible; manage custody pension and other trusts and finance exports.

We offer many sweep accounts, each offering different benefits to different types of businesses, including Zero Balance Accounts (ZBAs); Key Liquid Reserve Account®; Automated Repurchase Agreement Sweeps (Repo); Automated Investment Sweeps (AIS); Deposit Account Sweeps, Credit Sweeps, and Sweep Select accounts.

Our relationship managers work with you to determine the best combination of accounts to achieve your liquidity and investment goals.