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Maximize Income with Efficient Cash Management

Cash flow, credit management, investment sweeps and maximization all can materially contribute to the financial success of an organization. As such, Key offers a variety of liquidity and investment management solutions that can ensure advantageous returns.

From our traditional bank deposit accounts to investment and credit sweep accounts to foreign currency hedging and other financial products and services, we can help you to maximize daily cash positions; pay down debt; ensure cash is invested strategically as soon as it is accessible; manage custody pension and other trusts and finance exports.

We offer many sweep accounts, each offering different benefits to different types of businesses, including Zero Balance Accounts (ZBAs); Key Liquid Reserve Accounts; Automated Repurchase Agreement Sweeps (Repo); Automated Investment Sweeps (AIS); Deposit Account Sweeps, Credit Sweeps, and Sweep Select accounts.

Our relationship managers work with you to determine the best combination of accounts to achieve your liquidity and investment goals.


A new set of banking rules is on its way, and corporate treasurers need to take notice. Called Basel III, these regulations are intended to strengthen bank capital and liquidity and help financial institutions better withstand economic shocks. However, stricter capital and liquidity requirements will impact the balance sheets of banks and, by extension, alter the relationships between banks and their clients. You can take action today by engaging KeyBank to prepare for any changes in the new environment.

Credit Sweeps

Managing short-term debt efficiently – with maximum gain for you – is simple with our automated credit sweeps. Your money should be working for you constantly, as it does through our value-enhancing automated credit sweeps. With this simple addition to your funds management system, your business can automatically pay down debt with excess funds, reducing the amount you pay in interest.

Set a target balance, initiate payment and deposit transactions, and excess cash is put to use automatically. If your available balance exceeds your target, that cash automatically goes to paying down outstanding line of credit balances. And when cash levels are lower than your target, we draw on the line of credit to cover daily obligations. Credit sweeps can also be combined with an investment sweep to maximize earnings.

The result is that your organization's hard-earned cash is always where it should be: building your bottom-line.

Investment Sweeps

Similar to credit sweeps, automated investment sweeps let you manage your cash efficiently for maximum benefit. Once you add this feature to your funds management system, you’ll set a target balance and initiate payment and deposit transactions. Then, funds in excess of the target you’ve set will be automatically transferred into higher interest rate-earning accounts.

If your available balance exceeds your target, that cash is automatically transferred to interest-earning accounts. When cash levels fall below your target, invested balances are returned to your operating account.

To maximize earnings and keep building your bottom line, investment sweeps can be combined with a credit sweep.


Manage all of your treasury processes in one convenient online suite of tools, each featuring customizable, user-friendly interfaces and robust security measures. This powerful management system enables you to efficiently organize and implement cash, payable, receivable, and reporting strategies with one central web-based portal. This system serves as your online banking portal, and is also fully integrated with your internal finance functions such as investment management, and accounts payable and receivables.

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CFOs, treasurers and other financial professionals are finding that corporate mobile banking is a safe, secure way to keep the business going when they don’t have access to a desktop computer. No longer just a way to stay in touch while travelling, our mobile devices have become a central part of our personal and business lives. Whether it’s smartphones or tablets, mobile devices are clearly revolutionizing the way we communicate and get work done.

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Fraud & Security

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Protecting your company from fraud and business identity theft is a critical component of every treasury management system. According to the Association for Financial Professionals (AFP) 2017 Fraud and Control survey, 75% of respondents said they had experienced attempted or actual payment fraud in 2016.

Our relationship managers work with you to leverage Key’s fraud protection and information security resources to protect your company and its operations. Regularly updated systems designed to protect you and your customers can greatly reduce vulnerability to online fraud that leads to crimes like identity theft.

To help you keep your business information secure, we offer multiple ways to protect your accounts and the sensitive information related to them such as personal information of customers and employees. For more information, you can download our helpful white paper that provides actionable suggestions and a checklist of tips for protecting your business.

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