Key Total Treasury


Tax Payments and ACH

Automated Clearing House (ACH) services provide a faster, safer way to make electronic payments for you and your customers, reducing administrative costs and fraud risk. 

It’s easy to use: Simply provide your payment data through a direct transmission or via Key Total Treasury, and we’ll transmit it securely to the appropriate receiving organization for posting on the date of your choice. You can easily automate any payment, from payroll and dividend and pension payments to expense account reimbursements and vendor payments. Other benefits include the ability to pre-authorize debits, streamline repetitive transfers and make federal and state tax payments. 

Alternately, you can visit our easy-to-use online KeyTax® application to make routine tax payments without leaving your desk. To see how it works, log on to the KeyTax® demonstration using username and Password Welcome#3

Most importantly, you’ll gain more control over the payables process, increasing efficiency and accuracy while improving forecasting.

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