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How to Make Financial Planning Work for You

You are the focus in the financial planning process. As such, your involvement in the process is critical to your success. Successful financial planning is a collaborative effort between you and your trusted advisor. The following are some of the important issues to consider when approaching financial planning.

  1. What are your goals? What do you want to achieve? Define and set quantifiable financial goals. Your trusted advisor will help you set specific targets of what you want to achieve and when you want to achieve these results.
  2. Do you understand the effect of each financial decision? Each financial decision you make can affect several other areas of your life. All your financial decisions are related. For example, an investment decision may have tax consequences that are harmful to your estate plans. A decision about your child's education may affect when and how you meet your retirement goals.
  3. Do you periodically review your financial situation? Financial planning is an ongoing, dynamic process. Your goals may change over time due to changes in lifestyle or circumstances. Review and revise your financial plan periodically to make sure it reflects and stays on track with your long-term goals.
  4. Are you waiting to begin your financial planning "later?" Don't delay. By developing good financial planning habits such as saving, investing and regularly reviewing your finances early in life, you will be better prepared to meet life changes and handle emergencies.
  5. Are you realistic in your expectations? Financial planning is a lifelong process and cannot change your situation overnight. Remember events beyond your control such as inflation, market volatility and interest rate fluctuations will affect your financial planning results.
  6. Take charge and stay involved. Your advisor will work with you and make sure you understand the financial planning process. Your questions and active involvement will be encouraged throughout the process.

While many people choose to handle their own financial planning, a professional advisor can provide additional expertise.

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