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Selecting an Investment Manager

When you decide to turn some or all of your investment activities over to a qualified investment manager, you'll want to know that you've made the best choice for you and your family's financial future. Below are some selection criteria you should use when deciding on an investment manager.

Tailored Service

You have your own approach to investing, and your financial goals are unique. Choose an investment manager who will accommodate as much involvement as you care to have in your investments. And, select one who will discuss your goals and objectives with you as frequently as necessary to manage your investments as effectively as possible.


Your investment manager should be able to coordinate all aspects of your investments: setting goals, investment planning, asset allocation, portfolio management, performance measurement and analysis, and risk management. Frequently, you'll need the input of a specialized advisor on one or more of these aspects, such as a trust or insurance specialist. Choose an investment manager who has up-to-date skills in all these areas, one who pursues frequent and ongoing training, and one who has daily access to professional specialists.


Some investment professionals receive fees for particular transactions or investments, rather than a set fee based on the value of the assets they manage for you. Choose an investment manager that charges based on the assets-this way, you can be sure that your investment manager is always operating in your best financial interest.


Seasoned investment managers know how to take a long-term view of markets and financial goals. They know how to balance your particular approach and situation with the most current analysis techniques. Choose an investment manager with considerable personal and organizational experience, and be sure that your investment manager has a wide selection of experienced specialists with whom to consult on your behalf.

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