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Wire Transfer

Transfer funds right from your PC

Our Key Total Treasury® system offers you a safe, efficient and cost-effective way to initiate and monitor wire transfers. You can transfer funds, monitor incoming funds as they post, or establish a date and a time for future automatic transfers online.

Features and Benefits

  • Protect your account from unauthorized access using multi-layered security
  • Replace the need for mailed confirmation advice
  • Select options including secondary authorization, requiring a second person to review and authorize certain wires
  • Transfer domestic or foreign funds

How It Works

  • Authorized personnel within your company can initiate repetitive, non-repetitive and future-dated wires
  • You monitor incoming wires as they post and receive Federal Reserve Bank wire reference numbers for outgoing information
  • If you need to initiate a wire transfer by phone, we offer a toll-free number
  • You tell your Wire Transfer representative your code numbers, amount to transfer and the destination
  • We process your request

Batch Wire Capability

  • Enable your computer system to directly transmit wires to KeyBank
  • Consolidate a large volume of requests in a single, standardized file
  • Batch wires are subject to same-day processing

Key Total Treasury®


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