After YEARS years you could have INVESTMENT_FINAL_TOTAL.


Your original investment of INITIAL_INVESTMENT plus your annual investments could be worth INVESTMENT_FINAL_TOTAL after YEARS years. This assumes an annual rate of return of RATE_OF_RETURN and all of your annual investments happen at the beginning of the year. All values are shown MSG_INFLATION_ACCOUNT inflation is taken into account.

Input Summary
Rate of returnRATE_OF_RETURN
Initial investmentINITIAL_INVESTMENT
Annual investmentsANNUAL_INVESTMENTS
Inflation rateINFLATION_RATE
Tax rateTAX_RATE
Show actual values?SHOW_ACTUAL_VALUES
Adjust annual investment for inflation?ADJUST_ANNUAL_INVESTMENT_FOR_INFLATION
Show all values after inflation?SHOW_VALUE_AFTER_INFLATION
Results Summary
Compounded interest returnCOMPOUNDED_INTEREST_RETURN
Simple interest returnSIMPLE_INTEREST_RETURN
Total invested capitalTOTAL_INVESTED_CAPITAL
Investment final totalINVESTMENT_FINAL_TOTAL

Investment Balance by Year


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