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Investment Approach & Process

Investment Approach & Process

Thesis Driven Approach: The firm develops specific investment theses within the industry segments we cover. Based on that work, KVP pro-actively researches and identifies the most interesting management teams and growth stage companies in the sectors and targets them for an investment.

Lead Investor: KVP leads, or co-leads, the round of financing in which it invests, and typically becomes an active board participant. On occasion, we will also join investment rounds led by other well-established venture capital firms whose investment strategy and approach complements our own.

Investment Process: Since we are organizationally lean, have a streamlined investment process, and are focused on specific sectors where we have operating and investing experience, we can respond in a timely manner with investment commitments.

Our due diligence process includes meetings between the company's management team and the firm's partners, performing an analysis of the company's market and competitors, conducting management team reference checks and making customer reference calls. Each company is unique, but generally the review process takes four to six weeks.