Physician Wealth

As a physician, you’re committed to delivering the highest standard of care to your patients. Your personal wealth deserves the same level of quality care to ensure you don’t miss opportunities to grow, protect and transition your wealth.

At Key Private Bank, we understand the increasingly complicated and unique challenges facing physicians, physician practices and health care organizations. We offer financial services and solutions to address each stage of your career – whether you are starting out or nearing retirement.

Our team has a broad and deep knowledge of the financial issues you face and has helped many of your colleagues build customized, integrated wealth strategies designed to reach long-term objectives.

As your practice grows and changes, it’s important to consider how the key stages in your career affect the financial well-being of you and your family. Using your goals and objectives as the foundation, we help you develop a personalized strategy and monitor and adjust it based on your needs.

Important areas that we can help you plan for include:

  • Protecting your personal assets from potential litigation and legal threat
    — Insurance
    — Trust planning
    — Captive Insurance
  • Examining how current tax law changes intersect with health care regulation—and how to respond to ensure the best financial outcome for you and your practice
  • Establishing a formal financial plan for all stages of your career that is monitored and adjusted for changing conditions
  • Determining what financial issues to consider and negotiate when joining a hospital, practice or other medical organization
  • How and where to invest based on current market conditions and valuations
  • Maximizing the savings and investment programs available through your benefits package
  • Ensuring sufficient savings to retire comfortably
  • Customizing credit for business acquisition, equipment financing, operating capital and other business financing
  • Protecting your family in case of disability or early death
  • Structuring the sale of your interest in your practice to partners or third parties when the time comes
  • Determining how much to reserve for charitable and estate gifts
  • Making changes to your investment portfolio and financial plan in anticipation of retirement

Part of planning for your future is creating a disciplined exit plan from your practice when the time comes for you to retire. A well-designed exit plan will help you:

  • Control how and when you exit your practice
  • Ensure continuity of the business with physicians you trust
  • Maximize value and family wealth
  • Minimize capital gains and estate taxes
  • Reduce stress for you, your family, your partners and staff

Our team of professionals can help you understand the alternatives available to you, manage the risks associated with your profession and build a financial plan to secure your future. Let us help you preserve the wealth you have worked so hard to earn.

For more information about getting the most value from your practice, please visit our Business Owners page.

We offer a full suite of investment capabilities – but most importantly, we construct a specific strategy for your portfolio, designed to help you reach your long-term objectives. Your personal portfolio manager will provide:

  • An honest perspective and uncompromised objectivity in managing your money
  • Access to a broad array of asset classes, strategies and managers in a well-diversified portfolio
  • The ability to anticipate and respond to financial market movements to capture opportunities while mitigating potential risks

You’ve worked hard in your career and your practice so your family and future generations can benefit from your success and the lifestyle it affords. We can recommend sophisticated investment and tax strategies to help you preserve your wealth during your lifetime and protect your wishes for your legacy. Together, working with your legal and accounting advisors, we will devise a customized estate plan that:

  • Distributes your retirement assets to your heirs in a tax-advantaged way
  • Facilitates multi-generational transfers
  • Protects personal assets from creditors
  • Funds future college and higher education costs for children and grandchildren
  • Allows you to create a lasting legacy through charitable giving