Business Owners

Only one in 10 business owners have a formal plan to exit their business. Yet implementing some basic planning techniques can often significantly increase the value a business owner can yield from the sale of his or her business.

The reality is that most business owners are too busy to research and consider all of the exit options available to them. Key Private Bank is here to help you preserve the wealth you've worked so hard to earn.

We've helped many business owners navigate the complete spectrum of exit options available to them and make sound decisions that balance the needs of their families, employees, businesses, and communities. We'll help you easily understand the alternatives available to you, manage the risks associated with a transition, and maximize the value of your business.

Our Team of Business Advisory Experts

Key Private Bank provides business owners with a highly specialized team of experts in business succession planning and exit strategies. Our team is comprised of experts with training as attorneys, CPAs, and financial planners who focus solely on offering guidance and clarity to business owners like you. Key Private Bank professionals will work with you to deliver the knowledge, flexibility, and value you need to develop a personalized business succession strategy that protects the value of your business.

Don't Leave Money on the Table

Day-to-day business demands can make it difficult to find the time for personal financial planning. Sometimes it seems easier to delay making important business decisions rather than confront the seemingly overwhelming issue of business succession and its impact on your personal wealth.

Why risk your financial security? When you work with our team, you'll gain:

  • Greater control over how and when you exit the business
  • Ensured continuity of the business
  • Maximum value and family wealth
  • Strategies to minimize capital gains and estate taxes
  • The ability to retain control of all or a portion of the company ownership
  • Reduced stress for you, your family, and your employees

You've envisioned your company's future, and your legacy. Now it's time to develop the strategies that will transform those visions into reality. Through sophisticated investment management and succession planning strategies, Key Private Bank can help you develop a well-planned exit strategy and preserve your wealth for your family and future generations to come.