The Issue of Family Dynamics in Estate Planning

Karen Arth shares real-world examples of family dynamics influencing estate planning and suggestions for leading conversations with your loved ones.

Key Private Bank National Director of Wealth Services, Karen Arth talks about family dynamics in estate planning on the podcast series, “Money Life with Chuck Jaffe.”

In this interview, listen to Chuck and Karen as they review the high-level findings of the Key Private Bank estate planning advisor poll—delving into the importance of open communication during estate planning, common planning pitfalls, and how to avoid them. Hear about several scenarios and conversations Karen and Chuck have had over the past few years and how driving a conversation about these issues with your family can inform a better, more complete estate plan.

  • Navigating complex family issues and dynamics in estate planning (00:50)
  • Having a conversation as a parent and the concept of “fairness” among heirs (02:09)
  • Getting past the stigma of death in estate planning (03:57)
  • Pushing others to embrace estate planning (05:35)