Podcast: Growing a Business in Turbulent Times

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a unique and challenging environment for businesses across all industries and fields. The way you ran your company before this crisis may not align with thriving after the turbulence. Maybe you should consider learning the practices that professionally managed companies will use to compete against you during the recovery.

In this latest podcast from Key Family Wealth, Executive Managing Director Gary Poth sits down with the Business Advisory Services team to discuss surviving and succeeding in the recovery environment.

Managing Director of Family Wealth Consulting Jeffrey Getty and Directors of Family Wealth Consulting Michael Ella and Francis Brown walk through the defining characteristics of businesses that are seeing success in the COVID-19 era.

Listen in as these experts share their thoughts on:

  • How business owners are embracing competitive differentiation
  • Why shifting and embracing disruptive business models can produce results
  • Practical tips and measures that increase business value