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Key Perspectives: Economic Outlook

A gap has developed between public sentiment and actual economic results. Those who expect better economic numbers to close that gap note that sentiment often leads economic results. Others think that failure to achieve major policy changes in Washington will sober the optimism that soared in the wake of the U.S. election.

May 2017
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Why You Need To Worry About The Return of Stagflation

To combat recession, monetary authorities reduce interest rates to stimulate growth. To fight inflation, they raise rates to reduce growth. But what if they need to do both at the same time?

Apr 2017
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Keeping You Informed : Municipal Commentary

The seasonal effects in the municipal bond market were on full display in the first quarter of 2017 as attendance, attention, and activity waned in the quarter. Following the surge of reinvestment activity in the first two weeks of January, market activity slowed due to anticipated cyclical factors ahead of the April tax deadline. Adding to the uncertainty around potential policy changes and tax reform, investors were predictably on the sideline for much of the period. The traditionally stable tax exempt market has endured credit, policy, and rate disruptions recently and it appears that there are more questions on the horizon.

Apr 2017
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Key Private Bank's Quarterly Market Outlook

Key Private Bank's Investment Management Team follows a rigorous and disciplined process as we evaluate markets and manage client portfolios. Our quarterly newsletter highlights our research and strategy teams' current thinking on the most important trends likely to shape the market behavior and serves as a foundation for constructing client portfolios. Inside you'll find greater detail on our market, equity, and fixed income outlook.

Apr 2017
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6 Pivotal U.S. Labor and Trade Concerns Investors Should Be Watching In 2017

Confidence about improvements from changing policies in Washington has surged. While there are reasons for optimism, public enthusiasm does not always lead to economic success. Here are six things to watch in the months ahead.

Mar 2017

Low Unemployment Could Stymie President Trump's Stimulus Plan

The market reactions after Donald Trump's election suggest that investors believe his policies will produce significantly faster economic growth. But can major new infrastructure spending, lower tax rates, and regulatory overhaul generate strong growth? Probably not at this stage of the economic cycle. While anticipated policy changes may provide some improvement, tightness in the labor markets will likely restrain any strong surge of growth.

Jan 2017
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Infrastructure Spending Will Not Be a Magic Cure for Slow Economic Growth

One of the few areas where Democrats and Republicans agreed during the campaign was on the need for more infrastructure investment. In doing so, politicians finally endorsed what many economists have recommended for some time - using increased government spending (i.e., fiscal stimulus) to reinforce the Federal Reserve's use of monetary policy in the fight against sluggish economic growth.

Nov 2016
Two businessmen working in the lobby of a modern office building

Why Diversification Matters

As inflation drives the cost of living higher over the next 20 to 30 years, investors may want to consider some "risky" investments as part of a diversified portfolio to achieve faster portfolio appreciation.

Nov 2016

The Entitlement Time Bomb Politicians Refuse to Discuss

In a presidential campaign full of controversial headlines, one looming policy issue with major consequences has been largely ignored. Our country is simply not prepared to meet the promises made to the baby boom generation for retirement income and medical care.

Nov 2016

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