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Key Perspectives: Economic Outlook

With the economy performing reasonably well, investors want to know how long it will last. A common question in recent client meetings has been...Read More

Nov 2017
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Top 10 Year-End 2017 Tax Planning Ideas for Business Owners

In light of current political conditions, comprehensive tax reform for corporate and other business entities is...Read More

Nov 2017
Cute green piggy bank sitting on top of a calculator

Top 10 Year-End 2017 Tax Planning Ideas for Individuals

We started the year off with a Republican president taking office and the Republican's controlling both the House and...Read More

Nov 2017
City Reflection

Keeping You Informed: Municipal Commentary

Trading activity waned in the quarter following the April tax day on a lack of clarity from the government around numerous fiscal issues. A few large issuers remain in the headlines due to...Read More

Oct 2017
Pay 50 cents to look through binoculars and see beautiful view

Key Private Bank's Economic and Market Outlook

Key Private Bank's Investment Management Team follows a rigorous and disciplined process as we evaluate markets and manage client portfolios. Our quarterly newsletter highlights...Read More

Oct 2017
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For Retailers, The Times They Are A-Changin'

For retailers, the only constant is change. Technology has structurally changed the way consumers and retailers engage with each other. Meanwhile...Read More

Oct 2017
Reduce Taxes

How to Reduce Your Taxes with Smarter Trades

As we approach year end, investors will again start harvesting losses to reduce their taxes. Too bad those trades are not as profitable as they could be. Like most market transactions...Read More

Oct 2017
Person drawing a graph

The Bond Bubble Myth: Will Rising Rates Sink the Bond Market?

"By any measure, real long-term interest rates are much too low and therefore unsustainable. When they move higher..."Read More

Sep 2017

Keeping You Informed: State School District Enhancement Programs

Municipal bonds play a significant role in the funding of school districts. They allow a school district to borrow principal up front with the promise of repayment...Read More

Aug 2017
Investment papers with a magnifying glass and pens and a calculator spread out on a table

When Investment Diversification Fails

People often think investment diversification performs magic - invoke it, and it will prevent portfolio losses. Unfortunately, diversification has more limits than you realize. Even worse...Read More

Jun 2017

Key Perspectives: Fixed Income Update

Over the past ten years, Central Banks around the globe have increased the size of their balance sheets in an effort to promote growth. Since 2007, the Federal Reserve's balance sheet...Read More

Jun 2017
Person writing on a tax form with a calculator near by

Taxes Under Trump: What the President's Tax Plan Means for the Wealthy

On April 26th, the Trump Administration unveiled its outline of proposed changes to the current tax code. While...Read More

Jun 2017
Factory workers welding car parts

Why You Need To Worry About The Return of Stagflation

To combat recession, monetary authorities reduce interest rates to stimulate growth. To fight inflation, they raise rates to...Read More

Apr 2017
Two businessmen working in the lobby of a modern office building

Why Diversification Matters

As inflation drives the cost of living higher over the next 20 to 30 years, investors may want to consider some "risky" investments as part of a diversified portfolio...Read More

Nov 2016

The Entitlement Time Bomb Politicians Refuse to Discuss

In a presidential campaign full of controversial headlines, one looming policy issue with major consequences has been largely ignored. Our country is...Read More

Nov 2016

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