Aligned with your Interests

You've worked hard to accumulate your wealth and it's time to think about preserving it. It's important that you have an advisor working in a fiduciary capacity to develop and execute your estate plan with the highest standard of care.

Specialized expertise to help manage your estate and trust planning

At Key Private Bank, we have a history of stability and success. By working with our dedicated, understanding professionals, you will benefit from our more than 150-year heritage of providing sophisticated estate and trust administration services.

A fiduciary relationship is built on confidentiality, clarity, transparency, integrity, and the understanding that the interests of our clients always come first. We consider it an honor and appreciate the responsibility that comes with our fiduciary role. Your wishes are carried out in a professional, prudent, and compassionate manner. An independent fiduciary provides advice and support, which is especially comforting during difficult transitions.

Effectively managing a trust includes not just an understanding of our client's specific objectives, but of the legislative landscape that may impact the trust's intended results. Our solutions and specialized expertise provide you with regular economic insights, potential legislative impacts to your plan, and portfolio updates to keep you well informed and confident in your estate plan.