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How invested are you in your relationship with your bank? Do you have a single checking account and leave it at that, or do you use a variety of financial products and services like investment accounts, personal loans, and a mortgage?

There are a lot of benefits to a multi-faceted relationship when a single bank is your go-to for all of your financial needs. The more your bank gets to know you, the more you can gain from it. Why not take advantage of everything your relationship has to offer?

Why Relationships Matter with Your Bank

KeyBank, in particular, rewards customers who build deeper relationships with their bank. This can be as easy as opening a savings or investment account to go with the checking account you've already been using. Each time you open an account or apply for a loan, you're strengthening that relationship. Using your bank's services on a regular basis helps them learn more about what's important to you and therefore provide you with a more personalized banking experience. Once that relationship is formed, your financial institution will have a good understanding of what your financial goals are, and they can help you pursue them with the kind of financial products that best fit your specific needs.

You'll have access to the expertise of bank representatives and financial advisors. You can benefit from their knowledge as you make any financial decision — from opening a first savings account to investing for retirement. Using many different banking services with one bank is also a more convenient way to manage your money. Whether you choose to visit a branch or log in to the mobile app, you have an easy way to keep track of all of your accounts at once. Transferring money between accounts or applying for a new loan is straightforward when you have a central place to manage your finances.

Relationships Matter When You Buy a Home

Buying a home is one of the most significant financial choices you can make, and it's important to have a lender who knows you. The bank that you already have a relationship with has a more complete picture of your financial situation than other lenders, which can be particularly helpful when searching for the mortgage that's perfectly tailored for you.

When a customer who has a relationship with the bank applies for a mortgage, they may qualify for better rates than someone who does not have a banking relationship. With an eligible checking account and either an eligible savings or "investment account" at KeyBank, a customer is able to apply for a mortgage and benefit from a better rate1 2 than they would otherwise be able to get. You save money, just for being a customer, because your bank values your relationship and will compete to give you the best.

Additionally, being familiar with your lender can help the mortgage application process go more smoothly. Since you already know the bank that you are applying for the mortgage from, you aren't starting from square one. You can skip the step of becoming acclimated to a new financial institution and jump right into finding the right mortgage for you.

You've built a relationship with your bank, and now you're ready to experience the benefits. Ask your personal banker about the benefits you've earned from your relationship with KeyBank.

NOTICE: This is not a commitment to lend or extend credit. Conditions and restrictions may apply. All home lending products, including mortgage, home equity loans and home equity lines of credit, are subject to credit and collateral approval. Not all home lending products are available in all states. Hazard insurance and, if applicable, flood insurance are required on collateral property.


For borrowers to receive the 0.25% relationship discount, borrower or members of borrower’s household must have an eligible checking AND savings account with KeyBank. A borrower’s household includes individuals and organizations that share an address and/or a familial or business relationship with the borrower. An eligible checking account includes those consumer deposit accounts designated as checking accounts by KeyBank or the KeyBank Hassle-Free Account®. An eligible savings account includes those consumer deposit accounts designated as savings accounts by KeyBank, Health Savings Accounts, certificates of deposit, individual retirement accounts or investment accounts offered through Key Investment Services LLC (KIS)*. A business checking or savings account where the borrower is designated as the business owner may also be eligible. Borrower may open eligible KeyBank accounts to qualify for the relationship discount. Normal checking and savings account service charges apply. Refer to specific checking or savings account disclosures for details.


For fixed-rate mortgages, the 0.25% rate discount is a permanent interest rate reduction that will be reflected in the Promissory Note interest rate. For adjustable-rate mortgages, the 0.25% rate discount will apply to the initial fixed interest rate period and will be reflected in the maximum amount the interest rate can increase over the term of the loan, subject to the minimum interest rate that may be charged per the terms of the Promissory Note.

Interest rate discount may not be available for all products. May be combinable with other offers. Ask us for details.

NMLS# 399797


Investment products are offered through Key Investment Services LLC (KIS), member FINRA/SIPC and SEC-registered investment advisor. Insurance products are offered through KeyCorp Insurance Agency USA, Inc. (KIA). KIS and KIA are affiliated with KeyBank National Association (KeyBank). Investment and insurance products made available through KIS and KIA are:


KIS, KIA and KeyBank are separate entities, and when you buy or sell securities and insurance products you are doing business with KIS and/or KIA, and not KeyBank.

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