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Did you know that you can boost your property's value right before selling without having to take on major renovations or hire a specialist to come do the work?

Here are several two-hour to half-day jobs that will give both your home environment and your home sale value a boost.

Paint in Value-Optimizing Colors

Your home's biggest visual is its walls. And the color you choose to put on those walls can really change the mood for the entire home. Take the time to freshen up several rooms by adding a paint color that is welcoming, soothing, and neutral. Be sure to check out a list of colors to pick (and which to avoid) for each of your rooms in order to maximize the overall sale value of your home.

Tip to Get It Done Faster: When you purchase your paint base, make sure it has a primer added to it so that you only have to paint one coat.

Create an Outdoor Living Area

Take the afternoon to create a small outdoor nook where people can gather. This helps potential buyers see more space and more potential in your property. It's as if you've added square feet to your home!

You'll want to source waterproof outdoor furniture, an outdoor rug, and a bistro table at the minimum.

Tip to Get It Done Cheaper: Place everything in the most appealing area of your landscaping such as under a wooden terrace, on the back patio, or on the front porch. This will save you from having to also fix up landscaping in order to create this outdoor space.

Update Your Fixtures

You may not be able to spring on new cabinets, but you could upgrade the knobs and hinges to something new and fresh. The same is true for replacing bathroom mirrors to something chic (or creating a modern-looking frame to put around the construction-grade ones), new faucets on old sinks, and sleek towel-holders.

Tip to Get It Done Faster: Don't accomplish this room-by-room. Instead, make a list before you go to the store by counting each of the fixtures across your entire home and taking measurements. This way you won't have to make extra trips later on.

Breathe New Life Into Your Spaces

There are easy, quick ways to breathe new life into any of your spaces. Let's take a look at three examples:

  • Change the Lighting: Changing the lighting in your home — whether by adding lamps/lighting fixtures or changing the type of bulb you use — can have a dramatic impact on your spaces. Softer lightbulbs create warmth, and high-wattage light bulbs can make spaces seem more expansive.
  • Include Living Plants: Add life to any space by picking out some indoor plants and bringing a bit of the outdoors into your home.
  • Declutter: You may not be a minimalist. But when you go through to declutter your countertops, mantels, desks, and anything else with a visible surface, you'll want to think like a minimalist. In other words, ask yourself, "Do I really need all of these items?"

With a few simple fixes, you can add to your property's value in no time! All it takes is a little decluttering, organization, and upgrades. And once you've made some of these changes, you'll want to invest in high-quality photos from a professional photographer that will really showcase your home's features.


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