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Let's face it: It's not easy coming up with a perfect Father's Day gift that doesn't cost a fortune. There's a reason there are so many jokes about dads getting ties or socks. But these inventive and inexpensive DIY Father's Day gifts will help you break with tradition and give him something that shows how much you care.

Repurpose Dad’s Old Ties

Turn the expected into the unexpected by repurposing a tie for a DIY add-on gift. Does dad complain about misplacing his keys? Then a tie key chain is the perfect Father's Day trinket. For this project you'll need an old tie — maybe one from Father's Days past — a simple key ring and some sharp scissors. PBS offers an easy tutorial.

If dad travels a lot, make his airport sojourns easier by turning a colorful tie into luggage tags. This CraftTestDummies tutorial requires a bit of sewing. Fortunately, if you don't sew you can use double-sided iron on tape instead.

Both of these crafts can be a whimsical addition to this year's Father's Day gift giving. If you were planning on getting your dad a gift card, a small gift like this can add pizzazz and personalization.

Spice Up a Barbecue Package

Barbecue is a Father's Day tradition. For dads who love to grill, a barbecue gift basket is a welcome treat.

Fill the basket with homemade rubs and seasonings, one each for meat, poultry and fish. Choose a clever theme, such as Cajun Crawdaddy or Italian Papa, and go from there. To keep the seasonings fresh, place them in shakers with fully closed lids. Label your culinary creation with a fun name that matches your chosen theme. Use a waterproof glue to set the label.

Get Creative With Coasters

Whether your dad is an avid homebrewer of beer or simply enjoys a good cup of coffee in the morning, personalized drink coasters make great DIY Father's Day gifts.

DIY coasters can be as simple as painting some plain, round cork coasters, which you can purchase at any craft store. Square white ceramic tiles, found at home improvement stores, make extra-durable coasters.

When it comes time to decorate, choose images that hold special meaning. Glue on family photos, logos from dad's favorite sports teams or maps of places he loves. Or personalize tiles by having each child leave their hand print in paint. As tiles can be purchased individually, you can make as many or as few as you like. Make tile coasters waterproof by following these instructions from Homemade Gifts Made Easy.

Give Dad a Break

Sometimes all a dad wants is some rest and relaxation. Plan a picnic (or barbecue) with his favorite foods. He may also enjoy if you organize a hike, walk or fishing excursion. Instead of guessing what dad would like to do to relax, ask him. This ensures he gets a truly refreshing holiday. Plus, it can provide an opportunity to spend quality time together.

Whether it's Father's Day or any other special occasion, adding DIY gifts to the mix can help stretch the family budget while keeping the spirit of giving alive.


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