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Morphing into couch potatoes when the weather turns cold is one way to deal with Jack Frost – but there's no need to let him keep you and your family locked up inside in front of the TV for months.

So instead of longing for warm summer months and huddling indoors until then, try one of these affordable family winter activities to get you and your loved ones outside when the temperature drops.

Host a Winter Beverage Taste Test

Get the whole family excited about the weather by hosting a winter beverage taste testing competition. Have each of your family members look up a beverage recipe to create. There are lots of kid-friendly recipes are out there for the making, such as hot caramel apple cider, vanilla steamer with cinnamon and warm butterbeer. Rules should include a deadline for participants to get their ingredient lists to you so you can shop for what's needed, a date and time for when the beverage needs to be completed in order to compete and how the winner will be chosen. Host the contest around a fire pit in the backyard.

Looking for another activity you can work on while warming up around the fire pit, post-competition? Take a stab at creating a family mission statement.

Go Sledding

No need to buy sleds for each family member to take advantage of a neighborhood sledding hill. Instead, get creative. Use a plastic kiddie pool, a flattened cardboard box or cover cardboard with duct tape.

Ice Fish on a Frozen Lake

If you have a nearby lake or pond that freezes over to at least 4 inches of ice, then you've got a fun way to use those fishing poles you only take out during warmer months. The typical ice fishing season is between January and March, though you'll want to check with your own state's fishing regulatory authority.

Another reason to check with your state's fishing regulatory authority? These are the people who know the risks involved with standing on frozen lakes. Always keep safety in mind, and never assume a water source is "frozen enough" to fish on, as the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources notes.

Create Snow Art

Have you ever heard of snow art? It involves using any type of method to put color onto snow. For instance, you could use spray bottles and different food coloring to craft a masterpiece. Imagine how fun it will be to watch your family's art project as the snow changes shape!

Remember that family winter activities can include more people than just your children and partner. You can invite neighbors, your children's friends or set up play dates for any of these ideas. Not only is the more the merrier, but more people means more body heat, helping to keep everyone a little warmer.

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