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Frequent flyer miles aren’t just for travel anymore. Miles can be used for anything from charitable donations to statement credits to cash back on gift cards. This means that savvy folks in pursuit of points want to accumulate frequent flyer miles as quickly and in as many ways possible.

Here are some tips to help you maximize and accelerate the points you earn to make your mileage-related perks available faster than ever before.

Leverage Shopping Portals

The internet is chock-full of shopping portals that will help you maximize the miles you earn. Sites like Evreward can turn your online purchases into miles with the click of a button. Many airlines also have online shopping portals directly through their frequent flyer program sites that make it easy to click, shop and earn.

Double Down With Mileage Credit Cards

By coupling a mileage-earning credit or debit card with other opportunities to earn points, you’re earning points two ways with every transaction. To get the most out of every opportunity, make your miles-related credit or debit cards your go-tos for online shopping.

Build a Deeper Relationship With Your Bank

Many banks offer rewards point programs that can be redeemed for airline tickets and more. By deepening your relationship with your bank, you can speed the accumulation of points simply by signing up for services you use every day. Banks offer points for things like signing up for online statements, direct deposit and online bill pay. And these are just some of the ways banks are helping their customers get more miles and points faster than ever before.

Whether you want to buy a new state-of-the-art smartphone or snag airline tickets to your dream destination, your bank can help you earn points that get you there.

Know Your Categories

Many credit cards offer double points on certain purchase categories (like gas or groceries). While you shouldn’t purposefully buy more in order to earn points, it’s good to be mindful about which purchases earn you more. This is especially true if you have multiple cards with different double-point categories.

Earn for Eating

Many mileage programs now offer dining rewards. Simply link your debit or credit cards to these programs through their secure interfaces and you’ll automatically earn miles each time you dine at an enrolled restaurant. You can speed up mile accumulation by choosing restaurants that are on your favorite frequent flyer program’s list. Many dining programs also post mileage specials, where you can earn a bonus for dining at new restaurants in the program. Just remember to keep an eye on your overall restaurant bill.

Now you have five powerful hacks to help you boost your mileage earnings. Before you know it, you’ll be redeeming those points for valuable rewards without doing anything you didn’t already do!

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