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Bridal showers are a great way to send off a happy couple, but with everything else going into the big day, you may be trying to stay mindful about expenses. If you're willing to get creative and spend time searching for ideas that work best within your price range, you can host a beautiful bridal shower on a budget.

Planning a Bridal Shower

A quick internet search will likely turn up hundreds of bridal shower tips and tricks. But, rather than try to incorporate every great shower idea into one event, focus on the guest of honor. Does the bride have a favorite flower or design that you can incorporate into the theme for the day? Is the bride more of a casual party person or would she prefer a formal afternoon tea?

Once you've selected a theme, pinpoint a few signature decorative items and set up your budget. Typically, costs are shared among the wedding party or families of the engaged couple, to make it easier for everyone. Spend some time brainstorming other items that can be included in your bridal shower planning sessions. Don't forget to take input from the rest of the bridal party, as well.


Hosting a bridal shower in your home is a budget-friendly option, but if that's not doable, you can look for other venues, such as a community center with a gathering space or a local restaurant. If you need to rent a larger space, remaining flexible with the date and timing of your shower can help you save. Try to schedule your event for an off-peak time, such as an early afternoon before a restaurant opens for dinner. If you're renting banquet space, avoid holiday party season and popular wedding times.


Personalized invitations including a picture of the happy couple, their registry information, the shower date, and location can be created online. Many photo or custom printing websites offer a range of personalized invitation choices, making it easy to find something that fits your bridal shower theme. To save on postage, send invites via email.


Set the mood with your bridal shower decorations. You can save money with DIY flower arrangements, or by using decorations you already have on hand. Mason jars, vases, or candles work well to create centerpieces. White tulle is an inexpensive material which can be purchased at arts and craft stores and draped over chairs or used to create a backdrop.

Food & Drinks

Bridal showers are often a joint effort, which makes sharing costs practical. Divvy up responsibilities by creating a sign-up list for food items to make sure you don't wind up with too many desserts and not enough appetizers. Even if you decide to hire a caterer for the main meal, you can still fill in with other homemade dishes to lower costs. You may also consider providing one signature drink, like a wedding tea to avoid the need to supply a variety of beverages.

Fun & Games

If the bride and her guests enjoy shower games, you can easily put something together that's fun and will encourage everyone to mingle. Bridal shower bingo or a trivia game focusing on the engaged couple are easy items to organize, or you can try something a little more challenging, like a scavenger hunt. Small prizes like candles or candy can be given to the winners.


Favors for guests don't need to be elaborate, but most bridal shower hosts still include something small in their budget. Soaps, chocolates, or picture frames can be given to all attendees to show your appreciation.

Bridal showers provide a great opportunity to bring everyone together to celebrate an upcoming wedding. With careful planning, you can host an elegant bridal shower on a budget to honor your favorite couple as they begin their married life.

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